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Highways are public land.
« on: September 08, 2015, 08:49:59 pm »
In 1850 the Oregon territorial government declared all existing roads to be public land. Other territories copied the Oregon laws as they came into existence. I have also found a reference to roads as public land in existing states in the law practice of Thomas Jefferson By Thomas Jefferson. I'm changing my tactics and will now be trying to get the BLM to assert their authority over the Departments of transportation in this matter. No one can be barred from the use of public land. Public land can never be turned over to private usage. To be clear the highway departments are banning all persons from public land that the land was intended to serve. These are generally interstates built over existing roads but also include regular highways. Highway departments have allowed the police to arrest millions of people and issue billions of tickets simply for being on the road. The BLM kicked all homeland security and border patrol officers off public land because they were the number 1 destroyers of this land. Of course homeland security went whining to congress and got their privileges restored with limits which they are abusing. There will be some one within the BLM who wants to do this and has the clout to do it. Just spread the message.

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Re: Highways are public land.
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Just found this 16 U.S. Code 533. Gives the department of agriculture the authority to grant rights of way for roads over public lands. Notice the highway department does not have the right to seize public land it has to be granted a right of way by the secretary of agriculture. The land remains public land the highway department does not own it. At best the department of transportation is equal to other federal agencies. I've always told people the department of agriculture retains authority over roads. It is their job to look after agriculture interest. That is a highway construction does not have the right to cut off water to a farm or flood a farm. If there is a conflict it must be resolved by congress.

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Re: Highways are public land.
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Not exactly sure where you were going with all that guess is you were arrested for being on a bike on the interstate (which are  all marked "no bicycles or pedestrians" or if you paraphrase: minimum speed 45 mph)?

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