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Ashton-Flagg Ranch Rd., also known as Reclamation Rd., will be closed for heavy maintenance on the following dates or until the work is weathered out: September 21 – September 28, October 5 – October 11 and October 19 – October 26. The closure will include the area eastward from the junction of Jackass Loop Rd. to the road to Camp Loll (FS 027). During this time no other vehicles will be permitted on this section of road because the equipment will be blocking access along the road and to avoid any issues with safety of Forest users. The Forest Service is closing the road because of heavy equipment operating on the road. The equipment will be crushing the large rocks in the road, spreading gravel and grading this section of road. Drainage will be improved to reduce sediment runoff and erosion.

Liz Davy, the Ashton island Park District Ranger, says bicyclists will be allowed through but they need to stop and ask the workers to stop the machine so they can get through the construction. 
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