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Re: What's an 'average' day?
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I've done up to 120-130 miles in a day before but that is probably too far towards the 'uncomfortable' end of the spectrum with food, water and muscle fatigue all becoming potentially much bigger issues. It's not impossible obviously but I think 50-60 miles per day would be much more comfortable and allow a bit more time to enjoy the scenery of wherever you're riding. All this depends on individual fitness levels and so on of course.
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Re: What's an 'average' day?
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I would definitely start conditioning now for riding with your pack weight if you aren't already. That should give you a better idea

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Re: What's an 'average' day?
« Reply #17 on: September 20, 2015, 08:51:17 pm »
Last winter I did the southern tier from SE coastal Florida to San Deigo, California, 2803 miles to the front door of the hostel. I average miles by the number of days I cycle distances on tour. I am 65 and used an old Raleigh frame, $40.00 wheels, Schwalbe Marathon tires, and carried about 40 pounds of gear. The average was about 65 miles a day. This was not the ST as mapped by AC. Part of it was. I got lost a few times which added miles and time and backtracking.

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Re: What's an 'average' day?
« Reply #18 on: October 02, 2015, 04:42:23 pm »
Northwestern Nevada? I assume you mean Reno or Winnemucca. North of Reno and west of Winnemucca is the Black Rock Desert - lots of nothing except for a private opal mining outfit and the Burning Man festival once a year.

100 mile days are fairly easy to knock off once you get cranking on a trip. It takes me a week or so of touring to get in proper shape. I have gotten in a little trouble occasionally - exhaustion, cramps or just plain feeling lousy - pushing it too hard right off from my home. If you run out of gas just take a rest day or a short day. Allow for it on your schedule.

Like a horse smelling the barn I have cranked out fairly high mileage coming home from a long tour out west. I once did the 667 miles from Chattanooga TN to my home in Florida in six days with ease - arrived home feeling fine, even rested. I once made it home from San Antonio TX in 15 days in the short days of winter. I live in Holiday - 30 miles north of St Petersburg.

Like you I can take the heat. I've lived in Florida for 39 years without air conditioning. But I will admit 114 degree weather in the Badlands of South Dakota once had me doing a short day. 

I used to make the 430 miles up to my brother's place in Savannah GA in four days. At 74 years old I now allow 5 or 6 days but I still make the return trip home in four days easily.

Bicycling is a forgiving sport - non weight bearing and easy on the joints. You are basically just using a couple of big muscles in the upper legs. Once you build them up you can crank out mileage the non-cyclist finds incredible.

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Re: What's an 'average' day?
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Lots of good info given on this posts. Where to eat (did not carry cooking equip) and sleep add or subtract to your daily mileage. I often spent time at the end of the day on these items where I could have been riding.
I did the TA this summer averaging 89 miles per day for 50 days with no rest days. I rode sole so not  too many side trips. I could/should have spent 3/4 days on side trips in hind-site.
I camped every night so I carried a full load, on the lite side.
I had some big days, 125+ and some shorter days, 50-65 miles due to where to find food and services on the TA
Enjoy your trip!