Author Topic: Camping Areas Going East from Montreal Along the St Lawrence Route Verte  (Read 3215 times)

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Offline Les in Tucson


I'm not seeing any campgrounds between Montreal and Quebec City on the Route Verte.  Does anybody know what the options are?

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Hi Les
I am on the Route Verde right now. Traveling from Montreal to Trois Pistoles, crossing river, then returning on north side of river. There are very few campgrounds, but there are p!enty of p!aces to pitch your tent for the night. We have been told that any church or community center will let you pitch on their back lawns. In Berthierville, we tented right behind the welcome center chapel (note: do not go near chapel after dark as the motion sensors will be triggered). In Batiscan, you can tent behind the old Presbytery. There are hundreds upon hundreds of cyclists in these routes. Some residents have signs outside sayig they welcome cyc!ists. The bike lanes and road shoulders are in remarkably excellent condition. I am overly impressed with how welcoming Quebec is towards cyclists. Hope this helps your journey!!

Offline Les in Tucson

You helped me immensely.  Thank you!

Offline Les in Tucson

I was turned down at multiple community centers due to local kids having camps (understandable) and asked about churches and nobody said cyclists could stay there.  I never went in to the churches and asked though.

I found many more campgrounds east of Quebec City and its not a problem there.  Ended up staying at a hotel for one night in Sorrell Tracy because I could find no camping.