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I found my trip journals in a box. The group left Reedsport on May 20 so the trip designation was TAWK520

My name is Randy Stout. I was the trip leader for TAWK520 - Trans America left Reedsport on May 20, 1976. I have nothing but pictures from the trip, but I think I remember everybody's names:

Mark (?)
Ewout (spelling ?) from the Netherlands
Carrie from the Netherlands
Wim from the Netherlands
Mia from the Netherlands
Micki from the Netherlands
Peter from the Netherlands

Our group is featured at the very beginning of the "Adventure Cycling Celebrates 40"  video. It sure brings back memories.

I wonder if any of you are reading this forum? If so please let us all know what you have done in the intervening 40 (!) years.

I plan to be in Missoula July 15 - 17. It would be fun to meet up.

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Re: TAWK522 - in the "Adventure Cycling Celebrates 40" Years Video
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Hoping to be there for the celebration as well! I was the co leader of 1FTAWK51976....we left Reedsport a couple of days ahead of you! I had a great time that summer....made a few lifelong friends sorry to have lost contact with many!

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Hey Randy, since this post is 2 years old you may have long abandoned it, but I completely missed all the information regarding the 40th anniversary of Bikecentennial 2 years ago, and just randomly thought about it now. I was in your group all those years past, and have profoundly instilled memories of my first great adventure with that ragtag group of wonderful people.  If you do get to see this, or if anyone else from our group sees this, please feel free to reach out to me via my email.  I'm living in Seattle and enjoying the great outdoors here, which still includes a 40 or 50 miler on my bike (without the 40+ pounds of survival gear and xtra large stock pot).
The ACA video on YouTube is fantastic. Maybe we can share pics some day.  cheers, George