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Re: My Custom Built Surly Disc Trucker
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Thanks Woodrowstar, I will check that out.

I finally got a bit of free time to put some miles on my new bike.  I gotta say, for a bike that doesn't fit me it is one of the most comfortable bikes I have ever been on.  I covered 75.58 miles with it yesterday (49.63) and today (25.95).  I was not loaded on any of these miles as my shipment of panniers will be here tomorrow.  Hopefully I will get to use them next week as I plan to do the Va Capital Trail.

Nothing really to report other than two adjustments that were made.  I had to raise the seat a little and trim the stays for the front fender, other than that what a comfortable ride.

During the whole process I knew what I wanted and built what I wanted.  I am happy to say that it turned out great.  At the end of the day that is really all that matters as it’s my money and I'm the one riding it.  Thanks for all of the advice, thoughts, and comments.