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Atlantic coast route
« on: March 20, 2016, 08:42:54 pm »
I'm biking north on the Atlantic coast (ACA) route and I'd like to visit Savannah and then Charleston.  Anyone know any good routes more direct than the  (ACA) maps alternate spurs.  How about a good route from one to the other.  Also, would anyone like to ride part way with me.  I'm riding from St. Augustine to Richmond starting around April 2d and riding the Okefenokee and Outer Banks Alternates.    How about a place to stay?  I would surely appreciate it.  I'm a pokey old man (64yo) doing 50-60 miles a day.

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Re: Atlantic coast route
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2016, 05:15:29 am »
Hey Google search  "law enforcement route 2015". I did the route last year from Melbourne to Richmond for the World's bicycle race and then onto DC for the Pope. It'll take you on some variations of both the Freeway and ACA routes. I ride the Atlantic coast twice a year.... Technically, 4 times. The stretch between Savanna and Charleston is just plain terrible. After Charleston, too. At Savanna, if you are road bike confident take the US17 bridge over into SC. It looks challenging with the steep up and over, but once you are on the bridge you will see there is now a shoulder. After the bridge, only a one foot or less shoulder. But you won't be on it long, take the first road to the right. This will put you on a smaller road. There is a sign prohibiting bicycle crossing the bridge, but only on the GA side. If you get stop tell them you are from SC. That preferred road through Alligator Alley is full of wacky logging trucks and heartless residential drivers, despite the frequent bicycle traffic. No shoulder going the preferred way, and you end up on a high speed section of 17. At Charleston if you decide to follow the Greenway, go to the local bike shops and ask for route maps of their weekly or annual rides. I found them useful to put together a much better route north. If you are running tires in the 1.75/40c or bigger SC and NC have some great unpaved roads. I'll be heading to Savanna myself from Melbourne in a few weeks. Please feel free to email me or Google "teamdarb", I've been riding around the US for quite a many miles.

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