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Soma DC review.
« on: April 20, 2016, 04:17:56 pm »
This is a short review of the bike I just assembled; a SOMA DC bike. This bike has both disc brake bosses and the cantilever bosses are included (thus the name Disc and Cantilevers), but not installed.

The head tube on this bike should be called military grade. Wow, that's some beefy head tube. Pressing the headset was a real job. Normally the walls of the headtube give a little and the headset squeezes in. Not on this bike. You don't need to worry as much about ovalizing this head tube. The head tube is extra long and give you a good extra inch and a half above the top tube, so you need fewer spacers for those who don't like the look.

The frame builds up easily with a straight and square frame with clean threads and a square face on the head tube and bottom bracket. The geometry is the same as the previous models, so riding is the same. Nice low bottom bracket for people like me with big feet for extra clearance with panniers. Good looking paint in what's called "Cobalt Blue" but it is not really THAT blue. Just a nice, sensible blue that won't make you think years from now that you should have gotten something more sensible in color.

The bike easily has room for the 700x47 Top Contact tires I mounted on it. In fact, maybe enough room for fenders also.

Some heavy duty racks mount on the canti bosses. So someone should make an adapter to make that easier. My Old Man Mountian racks would look good on this bike.