Author Topic: Atlantic Coast, Section 5, Map 54 - Red Bluff Rd CLOSED for bridge work - 2016  (Read 2264 times)

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Red Bluff Road is closed between 905 and 90. The SCDOT signed detour is onto state road 22, a limited access divided highway with no shoulder that does not appear to be suitable for bicycles. We were going NB, and continued on 905 to State Rd 9 to rejoin the route at the intersection of 9 and 57. State Rd 9 has two lanes of travel in each direction and a small shoulder (with no rumble strip!), and was carrying moderate (but high speed) traffic when we rode it - about 4 miles of riding on State Rd 9 are required for this option. Please note that if you are traveling SB and want to use 9 for the detour, you will have to leave the route onto 9 before you see any signs for the Red Bluff Road detour.
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