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A local called to let us know about a paving project on SR 125 between the towns of Middlebury and Hancock in Vermont. The area is very torn up and potentially not safe for a cyclist to attempt. Please avoid the construction altogether and ride the Brandon Gap instead.
From East Middlebury eastbound, use US 7 south to SR 53 southeast to SR 73 east to rejoin the route about 1 mile south of Rochester on SR 100.

V Trans says:
Of notable concern is the potential hazard for bicyclists along this route, and as a result of the unsuitability of the road surface for travel by bicycle, it is strongly recommended that cyclists find an alternate route of travel until crews have paved the road surface within the project limits.
Work on this project will occur in the daytime. Daytime work hours are typically 6:00 AM-6:00 PM.

This project is slated to continue through September 2016. The VT Agency of Transportation website may have more current information:

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Here is a link to show alternate detour -


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We did Brandon Gap W to E instead of Middlebury Gap during ACA's '99 Northern Tier tour because it was closer to where we had to go off route to camp the night before. It's a nice ride, but note that their a very steep pitch near the top. It was the only time during he entire trip that I thought I was going to have to walk. Still, it's probably better than trying to ride unpaved 125. Did that during ACA's '10 Cycle Vermont when they were paving the west slope of Middlebury Gap. Made for a hairy descent at times.