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Enjoy an irresistible tale of one man’s solo, 1504.5 mile bicycle journey from a cul-de-sac in Thornton, Colorado, to the Canadian Border north of Eureka, Montana, following the Adventure Cycling Association’s Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR). Ride with John From Denver as he experiences the desolation of Wyoming’s Great Basin, remote backcountry forest roads, the beauty of scenic landscapes few have experienced. Share in the miracles of every encounter with fellow travelers who helped salvage his trip when mechanical failures threatened to end his quest for the border. For those considering the ride, learn about the equipment that worked … and didn’t work.

A wonderful mix of humor, insight, and adventure!
Accolades continue to pour in for The Last Northbounder: A Mostly Truthful Account of John (from) Denver Riding a Bike 1504.5 Miles to Canada:

“WOW! I love how he writes.  Still confused about his home/wife situation but what a cool guy! Just love him!”

“I read and loved the “magnum opus”! It’s great …. Easy to read, nice flow, fun, enjoyable, light, informative, and just all around very interesting.”

“long, warm, funny and quite interesting.  Not the run of the mill …”

“There is an intimacy in what and how you write. You have a gift to say so much more than, 'the sunrise was lovely today', so the words  bounce off the page.”

“By the way John, I would never forget our magical evening together!”

“... [she] just loves your writings. She just chuckles and talks about it and puts you somewhere close to Hemingway!”

The book is available for free!!! Two ways to read:

1)      Hit this Issuu The Last Northbounder link right now! This will take you to the reader. Should be pretty self‑explanatory on how to read the book: hit the right arrow to advance through the book, hit the left arrow to backtrack through the book. You can go to a specific page by clicking in the area between the arrows that displays the current page and type in a number.

Could it be any easier? Probably …

2)      Read/Download using this Google Drive The Last Northbounder link If you use this link you will get the Google PDF reader; you don’t want to use this reader because I can’t seem to get it into the proper 2 page mode. Rather, either hit the word Open to the right of the Adobe symbol OR hit the down arrow to the right of the little printer symbol to download it.

When you read this document with Adobe Reader, you have to make two configuration changes to the reader to take full advantage of Nick’s spectacular publishing work:

1) Hit View … Page Display … Two Page View. Click if not checked.
2) Hit View … Page Display … Show Cover Page in Two Page View. Click if not checked.

If it’s hard to read the book in this configuration, you can click the Fit Window to Width and enable scrolling button. The book will fill your screen which should make it easier to read, you’ll miss out on some of Nick’s cool publication features, but every single word will be there!

If you enjoy the book, please pass the links on to your friends. You can add comments below … we will add any good “blurbs” to this posting!