Author Topic: Getting a shuttle/ride from Missoula east to Great Divide Trail (Lincoln)  (Read 2320 times)

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My wife and I will be riding the Great Divide this summer from near Missoula to New Mexico but we are pinned very tightly between a departure and arrival date. So, to save a day, we'd like to get a ride from Missoula to the Great Divide, 77 miles or so. Heretofore haven't found any info on transportation out of town - just started looking - but thought I'd put the question to all of your. Rumor is that Uber is coming to Missoula, so that might hold some hope!

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When are you guys planning to leave

My wife and I are coming to Missoula in early July as we used to live there.
We are caretaking a friends house for 6 weeks

I am planning to ride from Roosville 2nd week of July to Wyoming.

let us know possibly we could give you a ride to Lincoln


Steve Reynolds
Steve Reynolds