Author Topic: Suggestions on getting bike and rider to Oregon? Shuttle? Fly? Train? Rental Car  (Read 2422 times)

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Offline k1ypp

I'm planning on going to Oregon from Sarasota, Florida to ride East to Massachusetts. Anyone have suggestions on the best way to get the bike and myself out there? I've had less trouble doing a ride across Spain from here than getting to the west coast.

If I fly, which airline, assuming I can pack up the bike and take it as baggage. Ship it ahead, if so, which method, local bike shop pack and ship it, or pack it myself and send it with Pak Mail or someone?

I've quickly looked at renting a car, about $500, taking a train, $800 and I'm guessing flying will be, with the bike, about the same as a train.

Thanks for any ideas.


Offline PeteJack

I've just had to abandon a tour in Tulsa OK and fly back to Seattle. A bike shop charged $80 to box the bike and FedEx shipping was $53 to my house. I started an account (free) with FedEx which saved me quite a bit. The estimate before having an account was $82. You can probably box your bike yourself for nothing using a free box from a bike shop. Get a duffel bag or a suitcase from Goodwill and put your panniers in that then you only have one bag to check on a plane. Toss the suitcase or whatever when you get to Portland or give it to another charity shop.

Mind you I like Amtrak myself. It's $25 for a bike box. You don't have to dismantle your bike; just turn the bars sideways and remove the pedals and the box is so big you just roll the bike into it. Be aware that bikes can only be loaded/unloaded at what Amtrak calls manned stations. e.g. The nearest station to Crater Lake NP is Chemult. it would be a great place to start a tour but you can't because it's not manned. The nearest manned station is Klamath Falls.

Offline k1ypp

Thanks PeteJack, good information. I found since posting and this looks like something that might work with FedEx too. I'm a ham radio operator and have someone in Lincoln City, OR that might be able to receive the bike. That would mean just having to get myself out there.

I have done as you recommended with getting something to carry the panniers in when I've gone to Europe and it worked out well.

I'll post my results as they happen.


Offline Patco

When I have traveled somewhere to begin a ride I have used UPS. I acquire a bike box, dismantle (somewhat) the bike (wheels, pedals, seat, turn the handlebars); pack into the box and surround with peanuts, then ship to a hotel where I will spend a day putting the bike together. I usually use a bike box for the bike and some gear and a second box for my wheels. I generally ship at least a week before I start the ride since I want to ensure the bike is at the hotel before I arrive. I don't like using the peanuts but they are light, fill the box to minimize movement and limit the possibility of damage during shipment. I also use hard foam to protect my derailleur. I hate shlepping stuff through an airport or finding transportation that will have room for my bike and gear if I do not intend to leave directly from an airport, and I rarely leave directly from an airport.