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Received a report from a local club member that the bridge on Sheaff Ln. just east of Stenton Ave. is gone, assumedly for reconstruction.

Here is a suggested detour:

Heading south from intersection of Sheaff Ln. and PA 73:

Left onto PA 73
Right at traffic light onto Joshua
Bear right onto Militia Hill Rd.
Left onto Stenton Ave.
Right onto Militia Hill Rd. to rejoin regular route

Heading north from Stenton Ave. and easterly portion of Militia Hill Rd.

Right onto Militia Hill Rd.
Bear left onto Joshua Rd.
Left at traffic light onto PA 73
Right onto Sheaff Ln. to rejoin regular route

Use caution on the short (.37 mile) section of PA 73. The easterly end near Joshua Rd. has a shoulder but it narrows and pretty much disappear as you approach Sheaff Ln., and there can be a good deal of traffic depending on the time and day of the week.

Also, if you want to view the working sheep farm, cross PA 73 from Sheaff Ln. when heading south. It's right there on the SW corner. Take a look, go back to PA 73 and follow the above detour.

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