Author Topic: Madison is an important point along Corridor 30  (Read 16440 times)

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Madison is an important point along Corridor 30
« on: May 27, 2010, 09:36:13 pm »
I am a Madison, Wisconsin, native and currently resident in northern Illinois. This weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) I am riding on parts of what will become Corridor 30. The Glacial Drumlin Trail and the network of trails that includes the Elroy-Sparta trail are obvious candidates for Corridor 30.

Tomorrow I am starting very early with a very light bicycle and little gear and riding from Highland Park, Illinois, Madison, Wisconsin (146 miles). For most people, I would recommend 2 days for such a journey. I expect to just make it into Madison by dark. I will be using parts of what could become Corridor 37 and Corridor 30, cutting the corner around Milwaukee from Racine to Waukesha. This will be my longest ride since I turned 50.

The State of Wisconsin has done a wonderful job of converting rails to trails. It's now possible to cross much of the state in many different directions entirely on rail trails and minor paved roads with little traffic. Wisconsin should be a bicycle touring mecca.

I'd like to be active in planning the routes through Illinois and Wisconsin.

Howard Metzenberg