Author Topic: Bicycle Route 66 #2, (Missouri) Map 22 Diversion onto Freeway not necessary  (Read 3359 times)

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At Hazelgreen MO (Map 22) on the ACA route on Hwy AB there is a sign saying "Road closed 3 miles ahead" and signs diverting Route 66 travelers onto the adjacent freeway, there's also a map addendum to that effect put out by the ACA. If you can lift your bike over a couple of two foot barriers there's no need to go on the freeway and you'll be rewarded with a several miles of traffic free road. If you stay on route here's what you'll find.

This is the bridge over the Gasconade River. That barrier is all of two feet high and you can ride to a similar barrier on the other side. When I got there I noticed pedestrians on the bridge (there's a swimming hole nearby) and there are no notices telling peds/riders to stay off. If the state really wanted that they would have put chain link fence up etc., but it is very much closed to motor vehicles.

i checked this out because several times I've come across road closures where a pedestrian or cyclist could easily get through. At worst I would have had a six mile round trip to satisfy my curiosity.

Edit. I've only just noticed the skid marks going right up to the barrier. I suspect someone was diriving under the influence.
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Re: Map 22 Diversion onto Freeway not necessary
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i can confirm the diversion is still not necessary as of September 2016

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Re: Map 22 Diversion onto Freeway not necessary
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I was not strong enough to lift my bike over the barriers with the panniers on. So I had to unload my bike, lift it over the first barrier, ride to the second barrier, lift it over the second barrier, and then walk back for my panniers. Nevertheless, it was worth it.

I can understand why the ACA cannot officially endorse this alternative as it is not strictly legal.