Author Topic: Crazy ideas: TransAmerican Trail in winter? Southern Tier in summer?  (Read 1122 times)

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Howdy folks,

I wrapped up my west-east TransAmerican trip in early August, and had a great time. I´ve definitely caught the touring bug, and am excited to start planning my next trip (hopefully the Sierra Cascades route).

My trip got me thinking: has anyone ever completed the TransAm in winter? With the modern craze of "extreme sports," I would think such a trip would be of interest to someone, just for the sake of saying that they did it. On a similar note, do you know of people that have done other routes out of the recommended season (i.e. Southern Tier in summer)? I know there´s a great YouTube documentary of a guy trying to do the Great Divide in winter.

I´m just curious if anyone has some interesting stories. I´m sure there must be!
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