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The Great Divide 2018
« on: November 14, 2017, 04:10:16 pm »
Hi there,

I just joined this forum and I'm looking for advice on biking the Great Divide trail.... all of it!
I'm a solo rider and would really like to connect with other people I could ride with, as I'm not too keen on doing it alone :)


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Re: The Great Divide 2018
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2017, 02:12:33 pm »
Mwires, sadly I cannot join you on the route in 2018.  I have pedaled from the Canadian border to Pinedale, WY.  What a beautiful ride you have in store!

A few items I would recommend based on my experience on that part of the route (and my comments assume you are riding N to S)...

Take the ride into Polebridge, MT and stay at the North Fork Hostel.  Wonderful, friendly and funky.  There are forest service roads from Polebridge that will get you back to Red Meadow Road without having to backtrack on the unpleasant North Fork Road you came in on.  Ask a local for advice on that.

Stop to see (or stay at) Holland Lake.  It is a standout among the many beautiful places you will see.  The lodge is a bit stuffy, but the USFS campground and swimming are excellent.  If you have the energy, hike up above the lake for some more beautiful scenery

If it works out for you, stay at Barb Nye's cabin south of Lincoln on Marsh Creek Road.  Barb is an absolute angel, and how often do you get to share some space with llamas!?

Elkhorn Hot Springs is a bit run down (new management may be addressing that) but worth a stop or overnight.  The hot spring-fed pools feel great on the muscles and the lodge and cabins are throwbacks to an earlier time.  You will also be able to start your following morning with a screaming downhill to Polaris.  Dress warm.

The Bannack ghost town is worth a visit.  If you see more than four people there it's likely the most people you will see until you get to Lima.

The neglected USFS Angles Trailhead and campground behind Togwotee Mountain Lodge has spectacular sunset views over the Tetons.  You can also buy a pass for showers and hot tub at the Lodge (about 1/4 mile from camp).

Those are the standouts for me.   Have fun planning and riding!