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Rain Jackets
« on: December 06, 2016, 02:50:00 pm »
I settled on Showers Pass for color and bike features (rear vent, reflective stripes, etc.

Anyone have experience with either of these models:

WOMEN'S DOUBLE CENTURY RTX CYCLING JACKET, in lime green (nice and brite!). 2.5 layer breathable fabric.
Feels more "rubbery", but is lighter, more flexible and pack-able and $50 cheaper.

WOMEN'S ELITE 2.1 JACKET, in gold/yellow, 3 layer breathable fabric that SP says is their most breathable.
"Crinkly", heavier and stiffer.

Anyone have experience with either one? Thanks!

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Re: Rain Jackets
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2016, 06:45:40 am »
I got the men's version of the Elite 2.1, I'll assume thats close enough to give my opinion on.

I rode to Alaska this last year and before I left I hit the Showers Pass store pretty good. In addition to the Elite 2 I got their lighter weight & cheaper rain jacket, the pants, socks, and gloves. And while I got rained on a lot, mostly I just used the lighter rain coat. There was 1 day between Whitehorse and Haines Junction that it stayed around 40° all day and raining and I felt pretty comfortable in all my stuff.

So the bottom line is it works as advertised but it's a little bit overkill except in pretty nasty conditions. Of course being really cold and wet is pretty unpleasant and possibly dangerous so you need to evaluate what you may run into out there and decide if you need that much protection.

I will add, that despite it's weight it's not warm, so if thats your only jacket and you're going somewhere cold you should pair it with one of those really thin down vests.


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Re: Rain Jackets
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2016, 07:20:12 am »

Thanks for the valuable feedback! So the Double Century may be the better choice, despite some reviews that it does not breath as well.

I bet your trip was awesome. i would like to do the trip up to Alaska someday!

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Re: Rain Jackets
« Reply #3 on: December 08, 2016, 09:20:56 am »
The DC will probably be better for packability -- you don't really want to wear it all the time!

I've got their commuting jacket (wore it to work this morning!).  Love the bright color and reflective stripe, but it's pretty bulky; I don't think I'd pack it for touring.

The only other plus for the Elite is the color; I suspect the plum on the Double Century won't be as conspicuous as the yellow Elite.