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« on: December 23, 2016, 07:58:11 pm »
New to all this so apologies in advance if these are basic questions.

Planning on Western Express to transam this may.  I have the ACA maps.  Just four,d RWGPS. 

This exact route is on it a viable choice to use both this and the maps?  I'm thinking cell service may not be 100% consistent so maybe maps and the RWGPS app would be good.

I don't have a garmin and really don't want to get one, so would this work with my google maps app?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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Re: RideWithGPS
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2016, 09:53:15 pm »

But it will work fine with the RideWithGPS app, which has support for offline maps.
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