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Re: Deception Pass State Park, Washington
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So I grew up on Fidalgo Island (and later Whidbey) about 2 miles from Deception Pass Bridge. I've ridden, walked and driven across it more time than I can count. So here is the insider view: It is of course legal to ride across it.  It is plenty busy but it is in two sections with Pass Island in-between.  You always want to stop at Pass Island and let cars go by.  The other important thing to note is that most people are looking at the view and often drive very slow.  Sometimes it seems like they appreciate the "excuse" to drive extra slow being behind a bicycle.  Locals of course may not be as susceptible to the view (though I've never grown weary of it) and may grit their teeth a bit. But again, it is two short sections.  When riding across take the lane and ignore the view and focus on your peddling. Once on Pass Island stop and walk out to the center of each span to take in the views. Also when starting from either side worth waiting for a "strategic" moment to pull out where there is a gap in cars. Often cars trying to turn to the pull offs will create some big gaps on busy days.

Again with the planes, it is terrible and I have to say those of us who lived there were generally not fans.  However their practice was not a daily, nor even weekly occurrence.  It was an occasional thing, though like I said above, could be all day when it occurs. That being said on Fidalgo Island the plane noise is plenty audible on the south end as they turn around to return toward the base.  But on the north end, where Anacortes is and Washington Park with it's H/B sites it isn't much of a concern. There is lots of great riding on Fidalgo (Check out the Community Forest lands if you like some off road riding) and also on Whidbey (especially South Whidbey) and great hiking, trails and camping on both islands.  I wouldn't pass it up due to occasional plane noise.

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Deception Pass State Park, Washington
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"I assume it was a bridge or highway official, perhaps an overzealous one."

I am fairly sure it was just someone who did not like bikes, and was being an ass. People ride over the bridge all the time. The are no signs prohibiting bikes.

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Re: Deception Pass State Park, Washington
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It is a few years since I stayed at this park but I do remember one quite steep hill between the entrance to the campground and the the actual camping sites by Cranberry Lake.  I don't think it was 20+% but it was steep.  It can be avoided by using a path alongside the lake.  Not a great path but certainly better than the hill.