Author Topic: To carry my water filter or not? (Southern Tier (eastbound) depart March 10th)  (Read 2888 times)

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Water Filter - we are leaving SD around March 10th for a slow, meandering, fully-loaded ride eastward (some on and some off the Southern Tier)  The question is if it's worth taking our MSR Mini Works water filter.  We are concerned about having enough drinking water but figure there's probably very little standing or running water sources anyway at that time of year.  Is it worth the extra weight and bulk, or should I leave it behind and add another 2 liter bladder for carrying more water over the long stretches?  Experience-based advice most welcome!  P

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No.  It will just be extra weight and in the way.

Offline Patrick Eckford

Thanks guys.  Affirmation of my inclination.  Well, that's one thing out of the pannier.   ;)

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I found that places on the ST where I might have wanted to use it there was no surface water to filter, so it is unlikely to be useful.

I did find it extremely useful for my tour of the southern half of the Sierra Cascades route.  Freshly filtered ice cold water from snow melt streams was great in the 100F heat.

These days with filters that weigh less than two ounces the decision to carry one does have a lot less of a downside.

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