Author Topic: ?How easy are SPD pedals to get use too?  (Read 12868 times)

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Re: ?How easy are SPD pedals to get use too?
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As for numbness, don't overlook the insole area.  There's a spot in the middle of your foot where many nerves go through one place.  That area is protected by bones, except it can have pressure put on it by setup problems.  In my case, the backing plate for the cleats was deformed from years of use.  Its ends were bending upwards, causing pressure on that spot in the foot.

I did two things: First, I took it apart and bent the plate back to a flat condition, then reassembled.  (And put it on an annual inspection schedule.)  Second, I cut away the  insole in that area, much as Terry did on their diamond frame bike seats.  These solved the pressure part of the numbness.  Every case is different, but it might help others too.