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I often have back pain, just like you, which makes it difficult for me to fall asleep. The doctors advised me to do more sports, preferably more stretching. The doctor also prescribed me pills. With the help by pill identifier, I read the full description of  pills and learned that these pills have side effects. The most terrible side effect is that the liver function deteriorates. I decided to stop taking the pills and began to stretch every day. Stretching and swimming help me get rid of the pain.
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How do you deal with back pain and shoulders pain Sleeping on a Sleeping pad on your Bicycle Touring Trips??

I am having right shoulder pain and upper back pain Sleeping on a Thermarest Trail Pro Sleeping pad 72X20X2 and I am looking at Nemo Tensor insulated 20R Sleeping pad 72X20X3

Note: it is not my Bike fit and I have not been riding since 12-15-2016 in Southern California and my Shoulder pain is about 6 to 8 week killing me Sleeping on my right Shoulder

Will throw in my 2 cents as an old sports medicine and sleep medicine physician.

Mechanical problems often have mechanical solutions.
The body can generally heal if we avoid further injury and stay away from anti-inflammatories including ibuprofen and corticosteroid injections.

If you haven't done so, a physical therapist can check your sleeping position. (This is considered routine for back and shoulder issues.)
Just as we spend a lot of time on bike fit and form to avoid injuries from riding (how did you injure your back and shoulder?), we can also get professional advice on how to get through the day and night with sufficient joint and back stability to avoid further injury.
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Crunches will strengthen your core and may help with your back issues. I have damaged discs from a motorcycle accident and they help me. I am NOT a Doctor so suggest you get checked out by a professional. I also suffer from osteoarthritis in by shoulders and went to touring handlebars with an adjustable stem angle to take some of the weight off my shoulders. I can drop the angle to be more aerodynamic on this days with persistent headwinds.
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Certain kinds of sports stretches should solve that problem. There are books in the library, and articles online.
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This is the answer a member of this forum turned me onto and I love it.
- Best 2 1/2 pounds I carry
- Gets me 6" off the ground and I side sleep comfortably (with a torn rotator cuff)
- Pricey , but worth every dollar

Helinox lite camping cot:
- breaks down into a stuff sack which is very packable . . .
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I have shoulder, neck and upper back pain sometimes. My situation is probably totally different from yours, but here goes. I have a disc issue in my lower neck, an old sports injury. It puts pressure on a nerve that effects my left arm and shoulder. It became so painful, I almost had to stop riding. I went to a chiropractor and he said I needed to change my riding position. When the head is out in front of the shoulders it puts stress on the neck. A normal healthy neck, no problem, but my neck is a problem. I adopted a more upright riding position. I ride with my head over my shoulders. This puts less strain on the neck muscles. Therefore less pain in my arm and shoulder. In addition, I was riding with very bad position. I'm not a trained cyclist. I had my hands wide apart, arms straight with shoulders shrugged. I found out this causes my arms, shoulders and neck to act as a shock absorber, transferring every bump directly to my spine. I now ride with narrow hands, arms bent and low shoulders. This puts almost no weight on my hands and I'm not a human shock absorber any more. I also have no more hand pain or numbness. BTW, numbness in the hands can sometimes be from a problem in the neck, not the hands. Of course the upright riding position is less efficient and I probably ride slower, but I'm old and I was never built for speed anyway. The added benefit of a more upright position is that I can see my surroundings better. For years I rode all hunched over and mostly saw the road 3 feet in front of my wheel.

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You need to exercise more often. Daily workouts will help you get rid of back pain
Seriously?  The guy asked a sleeping pad/shoulder pain question 4 years ago.  He was set to see a doctor 4-17-17.  I doubt he is anxiously awaiting suggestions.

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This is a four year old thread reopened by troll with a link to dubious link to Pill web site.  It was nudged again by another troll with only two posts (the other included a link to a spammy supplement site).

I don't get why resurrecting's these old threads is allowed or why these accounts aren't disabled after they pop up posting spam to newly reopened old threads in their first or second post.  To be fair I guess some of the other troll accounts were disabled.
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I see your point staehpj1, it is an old thread. But some useful information still came out of it. The OP doesn't care and will ever see it but newer folks like me will. And that cot idea looks mighty tempting. :)
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Mods, can't you please look into locking of old threads.  Barring that or possibly at least flagging them in some fashion.  The bots and trolls seem to love ressurecting old threads for some reason.  If someone has a legitimate reason to refer to one they could link to it then at least it would be obvious that they were linking to another thread and it would be more obvious that it wasn't a current topic.

Also given the influx of bots and trolls, possibly not allowing these new users to post links until they have show that they are interested members of the touring community.

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Best way to get mods' attention is to use the report function.

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Yep, I do that all the time and they do usually remove the links from the bot posts of sometimes the whole post.