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Southern Tier Route
« on: February 23, 2017, 10:35:04 am »
What is the best time of the Year to ride east to west on the Southern Tier Route
or What is the best time of the Year to ride west to east on the Southern Tier Route??

I am looking to start in Winter Haven, Florida and getting there by Amtrak Train in Winter Haven, Florida by 12-2018 from Oceanside, CA and I plan to do some small Bike Touring Trips near Tampa, FL and I plan to start my trip west on 2-3-2019 then biking to Tampa, FL then up to Gainesville, FL to San Diego, California and My mom moved to St Petersburg, FL or I can Start in San Diego, CA by 2-3-2019 and ride from
San Diego, CA to Tampa, FL/Winter Haven, FL and Amtrak back to Oceanside, CA
and in 5-2017 to 10-2017 I will be working the Carnival games starting Winconsin and All I need is the Southern Tier Route Maps

my facebook group the "Southern Tier Route"
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Re: Southern Tier Route
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The Logistics tab on the Southern Tier page answers the question about when is the best time to ride:
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Re: Southern Tier Route
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I started in Phoenix and ended in St. Augustine- March 17 to end  of May- Perfect weather. solo woman