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Pacific Coast Route, Section 5, Map 61
« on: April 06, 2017, 12:40:25 pm »
For a fun, scenic, and unique alternative to riding through Newport Beach southbound, try bearing right on Balboa Blvd toward the peninsula and piers, about 2 or 3 miles from the end of the bike path through Huntington Beach. At the Balboa Pier area, follow the signs to the Balboa Island Ferry. It's only $1.25 to cross with your bike to Balboa Island, a cute little enclave within Newport Bay, and the ferry itself is an open flat barge that only holds three cars at a time.

Once on the island, the ferry puts you onto Agate Ave. Turn right on Park Ave, then left on Marine Ave. That street is lined with small shops and restaurants and worth a short visit. To leave the island, continue north on Marine across the short bridge to Bayside Drive and turn right. Take Bayside to its end at Marguerite, do a quick left, then right onto PCH in Corona Del Mar. For northbound, just reverse these directions.

If you want to stay on the island there are several AirBnB hosts with rooms available, including at least two boats. There is no camping anywhere in the area except for Crystal Cove near Laguna Beach.