Author Topic: Lewis and Clark Trail #7: Closure Due to Fire near Multnomah Falls July 2017  (Read 3207 times)

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For anyone travelling the L&C through the Columbia Gorge in Oregon: There is a wildfire burning near Oneonta Gorge:
ODOT (Oregon Dept of Transportation) has closed the Historic Columbia River Hwy (old US 30, part of the L & C) between Multnomah Falls and Ainsworth State Park.

You can detour around this area by using the shoulder of I-84. Please note that if you are heading west, you'll be stuck on the freeway from exit 35 to about exit 18 as there are a lack of exits. (You can get off at exit 22, but it's quite the climb up Corbett Hill Road). Going east, you can go to Corbett, bomb down Corbett Hill Road to exit 22. You'll get off at exit 35. Note that you'll miss Multnomah Falls no matter what direction you go.

Looks like Ainsworth State Park, just east of the fire, is still open for camping. However, since the park is downwind of the fire I wouldn't recommend camping there.
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