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Just a heads up to cross-Canada cyclists, a bike route from Sault Ste. Marie to Sudbury avoiding quite a bit of Highway 17. Free downloadable maps at:

This is great GeeGee.  Thanks for sharing. 

Do you know the status of the Georgian Bay section of the the Waterfront Trail?  This is the route from Owen Sound to Sudbury through Manitoulin Island.  I've read that some routes are being implemented in 2017, but I wasn't really clear if implementation meant open for trail users or project implementation. 


I just found the answer to my own question  :D

Waterfront Regeneration Trust's Waterfront Trail webpage says it will be completed in April 2018:

I know they've been gradually putting in shoulders on highway 6 for years, last I looked there was just 20 kms left to do south of Little Current between Espanola and South Baymouth. They might have done it this summer. I believe implementation with regards to the trail is putting up signage.

I was in the Bruce peninsula last year, a friend has a place right on the proposed route through Lion's Head. I doubt they'll do much to the county roads there as the traffic is super light anyway.

I just did a tour from Sudbury Junction down the Lake Huron shoreline thru Manitoulin Island.  There were some short sections with an existing multi-use trail along the road.  I don't remember seeing many if any trail signs.  The Waterfront Trail is not a off road trail, it is a route that follows the waterfront and uses off road trails when possible, some of these trails are not usable for road touring as they can be muddy. (in St Cathrines West of the Welland Canal).  Most of the time there was a reasonable shoulder, and only 1 area with road construction, it was on a bridge.  Traffic was minimal. 


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