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Ebike kit update
« on: May 26, 2017, 05:11:03 pm »
C2C@73 -  With advancing age, I decided that this year I would try an ebike kit on my ride across the country since I had the big four USA mountain ranges to conquer.  Turn up your nose if you like.   I am at mile 1,300 of my route and have already passed up and over the Great Smoky Mountains.  Child's play.  This electric kit has found a final home.  I won't go back.  It helps with dog chases, unsafe situations where you have to get through fast, and climbing all those hills.  It also allows me to stay up with locals without luggage or loaded riders with young legs.  Normal 8-12 mph gives the battery a 45 mile range while hilly is about thirty.  You pedal the same, you just get there faster and easier.  ...In this photo, I am getting new foot pedals in Muscatine, Iowa at Harper's Cycling.  The EBO Burly model electric kit needs no maintenance so far.  ...I wonder if I could put another one on the rear.  Backup.