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IDHSMBR -Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route - June 2017

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I’m planning to ride the IHSMBR going counter-clockwise from Ketchum around the last week of June 2017. I’m wondering if anyone else planning to do, not do, or has done the ride before, has been following any of the Sawtooth Nat’l Forest Flood/Flood Zones/Emergency Notifications?
I know the Featherville-Ketchum RD (FR227) has been closed for years but open to hikers and cyclists, but this year as seen in videos taken of the road, there have been even more substantial washouts. Whether you’ve done the route before or are planning on doing it, watch this VIMEO put on by Heath Watte tiled “Camas County, Sawtooth National forest” .
Those of you familiar with this section of the route, does it look similar to last year-maybe just a BIT more water? My thoughts are that in a month (more like 6 weeks when I get to that section of my trip) the water levels should recede enough to create a passage whether on the banks or in low flowing water, but I know this all depends on how fast the snowpack melts from this record year. The Bounds campground washout is what I’m most concerned with but even now, it looks that a path could be created to the left of the flowing river in the road. Thoughts? Also, if you watched the whole video, I know there is the Worswick washout also, but I don’t have the route map in front of me now and I’m not sure if the route goes through this, though I think it does, which may present more challenges.
I’ve spoken with rangers and both have advised taking the reroute, but they didn’t quite sound like adventurous people to me. I know that there is a posted ACA reroute from last year, but I would like to avoid this if possible. Dropping out of the mountains to get to Fairfield, just doesn’t look that appealing to me. I would prefer to stay in the mountains with the trees! Another thought about the reroute was dropping south out of Featherville and turning east as the reroute suggests, but then heading north past Soldier Mountain back to Ketchum-Featherville RD over a pass that should be open soon. Anyone do this section before past Soldier Mtn. Ski Resort?
Any beta would be great!!!!See you on the trail!!!!!!!

Please check with local USFS ranger stations about snow  pack, roads, and campgrounds.
Much of central Idaho has 200% or more of snow pack this spring with slow melting.
Also flooding is a problem in many places - with roads and bridges out.

Current Snotel map of the West - (click numeric at bottom for specific percentages)

Boise National Forest -

We are headed out in a few days going CCW from Boise. I called the ranger and was referred to some web pages from the Sawtooth National Forest about closures due to flooding. I have yet to scrutinize these compared to a map. Has anybody been through there recently who can advise?

Unfortunately the vimeo video is marked private, so we cannot look at it :-(

Information sent in today from a cyclist:

Harriman Trail is also currently closed due to high water levels, as is Old Galena Toll Road. Information from the Galena Lodge states that Old Galena Toll Road will be open soon but Harriman may be damaged due to flooding. Valley Road and Decker Flats Road are both open for bicycle traffic.


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