Author Topic: Question, Ortlieb Bike Packer Plus and Back-Roller Classics Rear Panniers  (Read 5118 times)

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Offline dkoloko

Anyone with experience with both who can comment on capacity of one compared to other? Specs show about equal, but different closures may make a difference.

Offline erniegrillo

I have both and I like the bike packer for ease of entry and I like the outside pocket.
The bike packer has a slightly larger capacity due to the lid / top cover which expands to cover the load.
I use them for touring and I use the bike packer for commuting. I ride in the Seattle rain and have never had
anything get wet in the bike packer. (I carry a laptop so thats paramount) The back roller is waterproof, almost submersible since
it seals with the roller. Both are great but for me and ease of use, the bike packer is a little larger and the one I use daily

Offline dkoloko

Thanks. Information I was seeking. I have experience with the Bike Packer Plus, but not the Back-Roller Classic. Improvement I'd like for the Bike Packer Plus is having the straps at least 2 inches longer, as the lid/cover can expand the capacity as you said. Bicycle Touring Pro doesn't like the Bike Packer Plus outside pocket. I find it useful, but awkward to get into if the bag is full to capacity.

Offline dacrazyahn

I've been using the Back Rollers for quite some time now, for commuting (teachers have so much stuff to shlep around) and even with binders or stuff the like they are still in very good shape. Absolutely waterproof, never had any problems and even fully packed they are good to go. Only thing is: they have different "hanging systems" they call Quick Lock. The quick lock 2.0 are a little lighter but have a rigid back (contradiction in itself but that is how it is). The ones with quick lock 1.0 don't have that rigid back plate BUT can be folded and put into one another. However, the quick lock 2.0 seems sturdier to me. I know they are expensive but worth the money! If you buy the back rollers, then you can also buy the rack pack which can be clicked into the click things of the back rollers and hence put on top...
*Sometimes I wonder whether my bike is thinking about me, too*