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Looking to ride in the UP, gravel roads welcomed. Ideally starting in or near Duluth, through the Porkies and up to Copper Harbor. Suggestions welcome.

I saw this route pop up the other day on my Ohio Bikepackers group in Facebook.  Looks like a great route.  There is also a ferry from Grand Portage to Isle Royale and then from Isle Royale to Copper Harbor so it makes for an "easy" way to get back to your starting point.  I'd love to do this someday.....

Also check out the North Star Route, aka USBR 41, from Grand Portage at the US/Canada border to St Paul MN, which does go through Duluth, MN.  This is a wonderful route, about 40% trail and 60% road; beautiful in the fall after many tourists are gone, with stunning views of Lake Superior.

What do you think the best time of year to do this is? Late September? Late May?

I went in early October.  Minnesota fall was beautiful. Most days were sunny. Some drizzle but not all day.  I suggest looking at the historical weather data.


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