Author Topic: Northern Tier#6 & #7 Stillwater MN Lift Bridge Long Term Closure - August 2017  (Read 2019 times)

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On or shortly after August 2, the Stillwater MN Lift Bridge will close for repairs until sometime in 2019. This impacts the Northern Tier route Section 6 Map 81 and Section 7 map 83. A new MN36/WI 64 bridge will open a mile to the south on August 2 but I'm not sure if the bike path on the bridge will open the same day. The new bridge will be a freeway so bicyclists cannot use the roadway to cross the new bridge.

Also, there has been a emergency closure of the MN/WI 243 bridge across the St Croix River to the north of Stillwater which is also on the same Northern Tier Route. That bridge will be closed until MNDOT can make the necessary repairs.  The US 8 bridge to the north is being used as the detour.
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