Author Topic: What Start Date for TransAmerica Trail - Oregon to Virginia (Eastbound)?  (Read 2717 times)

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Good day,  I am planning a Transamerica Ride for Spring/Summer 2018.  I'd like to hear from those familiar with the Trail as to what the earliest and latest dates I can start.  My timing is extremely flexible.  If you have time to provide Pro's and Con's to certain start dates, that would be awesome.  Thanks in advance for any feedback.  I appreciate it.

FYI, I will be riding a touring bike and plan to take about 90 days to complete the trek.  In other words, no hurry. 

Thanks again,  Mark Allen
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Mark Allen

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Anytime between early June and mid-August.  Early June may prevent you from doing some passes early on due to late snows and/or snow not being cleared early enough (Santium??? in Oregon) but there are mapped alternatives.  With late August, you may get a couple of forced rest days due to early snows in the Rockies.  Of more concern, a lot of campgrounds close after Labor day.  I will probably shoot for June 15th if either of those are a concern for you.

Enjoy the ride!

Offline John Nelson

I agree with John. June 15 is probably ideal. An earlier start increases your chance of rain in the early weeks. A later start will reduce your average day length, and more average daylight increases your options.

Offline jamawani

For length of daylight, the ideal start date is May 5 - eastbound or westbound.
For temperatures westbound - early May - to escape summer heat/humidity in the east.
For temperatures eastbound - late July - to escape summer heat/humidity in the east.
Eastbound departure in mid June doable, but you'll have nasty heat in Kansas and Missouri.

If you want to leave in May, I'd do westbound.
If you want to wait until August, eastbound is perfect.
June or July departure either direction, better to choose a more northerly route.

Offline viperjr

OK.  Thanks John and John.  15 June is totally doable.

jamawani ... are there any concerns with the Appalachians in October if I start late July or early August, putting me in the Appalachians in mid-October.  Missing July heat is attractive!

Thanks again for the replies!  Mark Allen
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Mark Allen

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My first x-usa trip back in 1987 was in the fall - started Sept 1 thru Nov 10. W to E.
The weather was glorious for the first 40 days - sprinkle of snow in the Plains - chilly towards the end.
Also, the days really started getting short by late October.

If you wanted to do a fall trip - starting Aug 1 would work well. (90 days is VERY leisurely on the TransAm)
4 weeks per 1400 miles is 350 miles per week, 60 miles per day with 1 off per week.
Tougher terrain in the west - but longer days - probably a few more motels in the east.
(Be careful with motels - it is quite easy to get a late start - all of us know that.)

Aug 1 - Astoria, OR
Aug 29 - Jackson, WY
Sept 26 - Fair Grove, MO
Oct 24 - Yorktown, VA

Because of the fall tourist season, most facilities will remain open in the east until Nov 1.
If you are willing to use your October days carefully, it is a fabulous season to do the trip.