Author Topic: General Bike/Travel Questions for the Rockies  (Read 9645 times)

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General Bike/Travel Questions for the Rockies
« on: August 11, 2017, 10:46:32 am »
I would like to take my 14-yr-old son on a trip to either Wyoming, Utah, or Colorado but frankly, I don't really know what I'm doing. We own decent mountain bikes but we are not real serious bikers. But we do enjoy it.

What we have in mind is a camping, hiking, biking trip just to get away and show my son another part of the country. I would like to find a place with a cabin where we could bike and hike without a car. I' probably rent a car at some point in order to see different areas. In other words I'd like to keep the expenses down on this trip.

First of all, which state would you suggest and what areas should I look at. Are there state lands I can rent a cabin fairly reasonably?

Also, has anyone here ever traveled with their bikes? Any tips?

Any tips on transportation to and from the airport?

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Re: General Bike/Travel Questions for the Rockies
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Where would you be coming from?

You present a lot of mutually exclusive elements.
The few places you can fly into directly - like Jackson or Aspen - are ridiculously expensive.
To get to a cabin that is anything like moderately priced, you need to rent a car for the duration.

Many of the national forests have former ranger cabins that are available for rent.
They are spartan and require that you have sleeping bags and cooking stuff - specifics vary.
But many of them are located in remote places that make a great base for adventure forays.

For example - the Muddy Guard Cabin on the Bighorn National Forest -

You could fly into Billings, MT or Casper, WY - even Denver - and rent a car.
Excellent riding and/or  hiking into Cloud Peak Wilderness (no bikes!)

Check out other national forest cabins for rent.