Author Topic: Blue Ridge Parkway mm 0 to 200 roughly  (Read 1939 times)

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Blue Ridge Parkway mm 0 to 200 roughly
« on: August 12, 2017, 08:13:12 am »
Hello,  anyone out there spent time on the Parkway? Specifically from mm 0 to the border of VA / NC?  We ride about 80 miles a day on it but would like to do several overnights. I'd love to hear anyone's stories, experiences about their travels. Places to camp, hotels, etc.  thanks!

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Re: Blue Ridge Parkway mm 0 to 200 roughly
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For a general overview, it's worth looking into "Bicycling the Blue Ridge" by the Skinners.  They've got a good list of camping, food, and perhaps most importantly, water sources.  You can also check the National Park Service web site ( for up to date information on closures and road conditions.

Adventure Cycling has run two supported tours for the last several years; one covers the southern part of the BRP, the other the northern 200 miles plus Skyline Drive.

In general, the 100 miles on each end of the Parkway has the worst pavement (IMHO).  I think the best parts of the BRP tend to be in the southern, North Carolina, half.  In the northern half, the 30 miles centered around the James River is pretty and rather wild.  Peaks of Otter is very nice, and there's some great overlooks from there down into Roanoke and then, after transversing suburban Roanoke, climbing back up the southern side of town.  Mabry Mill may be the most photographed site on the Parkway, and is especially good if you can hit it in late May or early June when the Catawba rhododendron are blooming.

Motels on the northern part are Peaks of Otter, and off the Parkway at Roanoke and Waynesboro.  Further south in NC there's motels at Blowing Rock, Little Switzerland, Asheville, Mt. Pisgah, and Cherokee.  Otherwise, count on going downhill 5-15 miles for food and lodging, and climbing back up in the morning.