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Atlantic Coast #5, #6, #7 - Hurricane Irma Sept 2017
« on: September 12, 2017, 05:27:00 pm »
The devastation caused by hurricane Irma in August and September 2017 will be long-lasting. In the short term, campgrounds and lodging will be used by aid workers and construction crews. Clean-up will take months, roads and bridges may be washed out, and some services might not reopen. If you are planning a bike tour this autumn, 2017, or winter, 2018, along the southern portion of the Atlantic Coast Route please consider changing your plans.
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Re: Atlantic Coast #5, #6, #7 - Hurricane Irma Sept 2017
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Apparently the Southernmost point of the USA has been relocated to the Florida trail in Tampa area and this is from Key West, FL