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It's regrettable that politics has to enter into a simple discussion about riding  a bike across the country. I know we've become polarized but this is a bit ridiculous. I have strong political views and on my last tour I met lots of people from both sides of the  political spectrum. I never, not once, has a bad experience with any of them based on politics even when we did discuss it. They were more than willing to help and went out of their way to accommodate me except for a few soreheads who probably were just angry at the world in general. Had nothing to do with politics.  To say that because someone is a Trump supporter or Clinton supporter or whatever, they are a bad person and will treat you unfairly, just isn't true. Of course, if you go out of your way to antagonize them, it's a different story but then that's on you.

I hope you have a great tour regardless of the pace at which you choose to ride.  We are, after all, all different.
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