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2017 Trek 520D Brake Replace
« on: October 09, 2017, 05:12:34 pm »
I have a brake (caliper/rotor) issue on my 2017/2018 Trek 520 D. This new 520 - Disk, getting to the point, has abysmal breaks (they’re mechanical disk).  I’ve had them ‘adjusted’ a couple of times since purchasing the bike, they just don’t have the guts for the job, essentially.  I ride loaded a good bit, probably around 50-75 lb, in addition to being 6’4” and weighing 230 lb.  After getting recommendations going in multiple directions, I am giving strong consideration to upgrading to a two-sided (still mechanical) disk brake, called a “Spyre SLC.”  Can’t really afford a hydraulic re-fit, as much as I would like to.  My knowledge of components is incredibly weak.  I’ll be having a LBS do the work, but am trying to purchase the parts myself.  Additionally, I want to put the Spyre caliper with a 160mm (stock size) “Hope Floating Rotor.”

The nuts and bolts of my question, for anyone having a bit of experience with brakes and Treks… is--will this upgrade work at all (possibly) and/or is it a significant issue, or hopefully one that is modestly straightforward?

Thanks to anyone that might have some insight or advice on this matter.  Have a great day folks.

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Re: 2017 Trek 520D Brake Replace
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2017, 08:39:35 pm »
Spyres are great, not too expensive way to improve your bike. 800 miles of Washington State mountains with no problems at all on loaded tourer.