Author Topic: Bill to convert North Coast railroad to ‘Great Redwood Trail’ passes st Senate  (Read 8430 times)

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Bill to convert North Coast railroad to ‘Great Redwood Trail’ passes state Senate:
"The state Senate this week unanimously passed a bill introduced by North Coast state Sen. Mike McGuire that seeks to dissolve the North Coast Railroad Authority and lay the groundwork for a “Great Redwood Trail” to connect San Francisco and Humboldt Bay for bikers, hikers and equestrians." (emphasis mine)

Here's a map of the route:

I imagine it would take years for a SF-Eureka trail to be developed, but it would be wonderful if it happens.

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Agreed! 2 weeks ago I met a Dutch couple in Rio Dell who needed an inland option like The Great Redwood Trail, to complete their tour.

Here's an overview of the project:

Today the bill is being heard by the Assembly Transportation Committee. You can track its status here:
There is strong bipartisan support; the question right now is funding. No one is sure what it will take to acquire the old Northwestern Pacific right-of-way and transform it into a trail. There will be many studies, but in the short term $10 million is needed to assess the project.

Governor Brown has the power to approve this funding and enable the bill to progress. However, his office needs to hear from trail supporters who think this is an excellent use of public funds. Otherwise he might be tempted to punt on the decision for now, leaving it for the next governor of California (this being the end of his final term). Since the trail will be used for tourism, I believe cyclists outside CA who plan to use the trail once its built are legitimate stakeholders, and have a right to weigh in.

Friday morning I phoned Governor Brown's office, expressing my support for funding SB 1029. It was painless and quick. I picked up the phone, dialed (916)-445-2841, pressed 1 for English then 6 to speak with a human. Then I had a brief chat with one of his aides (who listened respectfully). They actually log every call!

There is some urgency, as Governor Brown is deciding now whether to pursue funding. And the state agency that owns the right-of-way will run out of money in September. If you want this trail to happen, if you're looking forward to using it, please consider making a phone call.

Thanks for listening!