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According to the online help, the "Find What You Need" icon (magnifying glass over a map) is to search 15 miles of the route.  However, for example, when centered on Shawano Wisconsin (on the North Lakes Route), a search for Lodgings list facilities in Escanaba Michigan, 100 miles away.   I get the same list no matter where I am on the map.  How is this search function supposed to function?

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Re: How to used the "Find What You Need" icon in Bicycle Route Navigator
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Hello - Thanks for your message. I could replicate this when I did a search for Lodging while zoomed in on Shawano, WI. I'm not sure why it's listing lodging options that are so far away. This feature is working correctly in other parts of the country, so we'll have to look in to why this area is being problematic. Thanks for your note and I'll report this to our developers.

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