Author Topic: Q: Great Touring Routes outside of Chicago?  (Read 10338 times)

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Q: Great Touring Routes outside of Chicago?
« on: May 26, 2018, 09:26:59 am »
Chicago Touring Cyclists-

what are you favorite weekend (2-3 day) rides? Looking for routes over 80-120 miles RT, that get you out of the city. Can be to good bike paths, or via streets & roads; are they destination focused? What are the best features along the way? Camping or lodging accommodations?

I've enjoyed the bike paths up to Racine, WI (w/ camping at Illinois Beach State Park), and a route around the southern end of the lake to Indiana Dunes (w/ camping at Dunewoods Campground). Any favorite rides out to the west? (I&M canal path? to Starved Rock? I've heard of Old Plank Road route but not tried it; anyone have a good route through Joliet? etc...)

What routes do you recommend? I wanna explore more...

Wheelman Jay