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The Bluewater Ferry across the St. Clair River between Marine City MI and Sombra ON has been compromised by ice dams over the winter of 2018. Officials don't know whether the ferry will re-open.

Multiple new outlets reporting on the situation, including these:

There is a ferry to the south between Walpole Island ON and Algonac MI.
Bicycles are $2.00.
First Ferry from Canada: 6:50 a.m. First Ferry from USA: 7:00 a.m.
Last Ferry from Canada: 9:45 p.m.    Last Ferry from USA: 10:00 p.m.

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Thanks for the info.  A Warmshowers host in Marine City had posted info about the ferry damage on her warmshower page, and recommended the ferry to the south, as well.

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Will ACA post some suggested route modifications?  Are there forum members familiar with the region?  It doesn't look like a difficult route change.  From Walleceburg, it looks like Rte 32 must be used to get to Walpole Island.  Once in Algonac, Rte 29 goes right up to Marine City to pick up the ACA route.  Any comments about these roads?  Would it be better once in Algonac to head inland a little farther, say Marsh Road, before turning north to avoid traffic.  Can anyone comment on using the Walpole Island Ferry with their bicycle? 

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If this helps, here is the info from the Warmshowers Host who lives in Marine City:
FERRY UPDATE!!! January, 2018 The ferry from Sombra, ON, Canada to Marine City, MI OR Marine City, MI to Sombra, Ontario, Canada is CLOSED due to ice damage and may not reopen for a year or more!

The Blue Water Bridge is available which connects Port Huron, MI to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.
You may want to check this route:
From East to West: Wallaceburg, ON area, take bridge to Walpole Island (Indian Reservation) and catch ferry to Algonac, MI and customs.
From West to East: Take ferry from Algonac, MI to Walpole Island, Ontario, Canada which takes you to the Wallaceburg area.
In Michigan, Camping is available at Algonac State Park located about one mile NORTH of Algonac, MI along M29. Algonac State Park is very nice with tent camping in the back, full bathroom and shower facilities and a small beach to swim in the cool St. Clair River. Algonac also has a CVS pharmacy, Jets Pizza and a Dairy Queen within a few hundred feet of the ferry crossing.

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I have posted suggested route detours to the Map Corrections and Updates pages for these map sections:

If you are a local or know this area, check them out and let me know how they might be improved.


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