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Anyone else notice how easy/difficult it is to find restaurants and grocers along the GDMBR that offer GF choices? Wife has Celiac's - avoiding gluten is not a fad diet choice.

My guess is you'll have to take along a lot of your food and use food drops.  Small town America won't have much gluten free food, or finding it will be spotty.

Pat Lamb:
From what I remember where the TransAm (and our jog to the north) overlapped the route, you'll enjoy lots of steaks and baked potatoes in town.  I suspect you'll be looking at lots of rice and Oreos from the grocery stores, though.

I should note that my trip through there was a while back, and it's possible more of the gluten-free mixes and breads might pop up now than then. 

Another option might be ordering gluten free items on-line and having them delivered to General Delivery at the post offices.

Edited to add: Oops, scratch the Oreos.  I thinking about another poster who found Oreos were dairy free.

This is really not an easy task and is best tackled with a lot of preparation.

I haven't had too much experience with it so far, but maybe the one or other app for gluten-free restaurants can help.


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