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Food, Bears, and the GDMBR
« on: March 25, 2018, 11:17:25 am »
I'm perplexed.  It looks like racers and others on the GDMBR route often have food stashed in multiple nooks and crannies on their 29ers.  How does that work in bear country?  I've always kept my food contained in one or more bags that could be hung properly (and made it my practice to do so.)  I can't figure how folks are doing this safely.

I'm no racer.   I'm considering a future GDMBR ride on an Azub 6 fully-suspended recumbent - very likely a slow one.  What should I be planning for food safety?  On past trips I've used separate bags for food and kitchen gear and hung them every night.  I haven't ditched my cooking/eating clothes distant from my tent before, but then I haven't camped in the back country either...

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Re: Food, Bears, and the GDMBR
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2018, 08:13:38 pm »
For us it meant pulling all the food and cooking gear (as well as soap, toothpaste, trash etc.) out every night  and putting it into bags and hanging them, then redistribute it all back into the packs in the morning.  It's a few minutes work each evening and morning to get everything how you want it but not that bad. We didn't bother with separate clothes for cooking but we did try to cook away from the tents. There are enough places to stock up along the way that you usually don't need to carry that much food. Once your in S. Wyoming you move out of grizzly country, black bears range down to N. New Mexico.