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Hi Everyone,

I hope I have posted this in the best place.....

Anyway, I am planning to ride from Truckee to Vancouver via the Sierra Cascade (3, 2, 1) through August. I intend to camp most of the way. As I'm from New Zealand, where bears don't exist, my concern is around managing my food overnight etc. when camping in areas where bears might be present.

I'm really hoping people can give me some general tips, where to look for information, or explain what they do to manage this. Should food be sealed and stored somewhere specific overnight etc.

Any feedback welcome!

Kind regards,

Stuart -

Most designated campgrounds have bear boxes - - use them.
If you plan or want to wild camp, then you will need to use one of the following methods:

1. Hanging your food from a tree
You will need 50 ft. of good quality climbers rope and a carabiner.
You will also need to practice beforehand - it's not hard, but has a learning curve.

2. Bear canister
Yosemite N.P. and some California national forests no longer permit food hanging.
Bears have learned how to bite through the retaining rope.
They are bulky and add weight - 3 lbs; the Ursack is not approved by the NPS.

If you have eaten/cooked in your current tent, you should consider using another tent.
This is useful for other critters, too - such as raccoons - who can shred you tent in seconds.


Thanks so much for the info.


In addition to the comments by jamawani, especially if wild camping, eat a little early and then move on a few miles before setting up your campsite.

Good advice above. But your greatest danger with bears won't be having them come into your camp at night looking for food. It will be surprising them on the trail. Have you read much or put much thought into how you will mitigate that threat?


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