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of note: the Hudson Valley Trail Network - Maybrook rail corridor (Wiliam R Steinhaus Dutchess RT,Walkway Over The Hudson,Hudson Valley RT) will be part of the Empire State Trail

I had thought with all the construction, updates etc. that I should put it all in one post. The Walkway OTH, with construction of the visitor centers at both ends, now resembles a L.A.B. traffic skills 101 obsticle course. And I am sorry to give the news to the ACA mapping dept. that the major update to the ACR 2018 may have to be updated again in 2019 once the Hudson Valley RT is extended, (the HVTN will then be 20 miles from Hopewell Jct. to South Street at the twn. of Lloyd/New Paltz line) and posibly an update for Millerton and the Harlem Valley RT

And on the subject of trail construction,construction of the Maybrook Trailway 1 (un-paved) from Hopewell Jct. at the WRS DRT to Putnam county at the Putnam Trailway (near Brewster NY) should commence late this year?? or maybe next year ?? for completion by 2020 - this will also be part of the EST.

Maybrook Trailway site:

the below are trailways that are part of the ACR in the Hudson Valley of NY - Millerton NY to Port Jervis NY - section 2 maps 18-21

construction and other pictures:!AjM8qAzIh4uAgpsF5zuAfQdxmODq0A

map - HVRT new extensions phs3-phs4 and existing phs1 and phs2 :
note: allow time for PDF HVRT map to load

Harlem Valley RT (Dutchess County NY DPW linear park)

latter this year this RT will be extended to the north from Millerton (Dutchess county NY) to the Columbia county NY line
this section will go through a part of the Rudd Pond Taconic state park - don't know if there will be access from the RT into the park

Walkway Over the Hudson state park

04-13-18 construction of the east end visitor center has begun
the east end entrance on Parker Ave. is sort of part of the construction zone - cyclists should be aware of large vehicles - there is a temp path with fencing - signage to dismount bikes

construction of the west end continues as of 04-22-18 - expected to open 05-20-18
as with the east end there is (or was) signage to dismount bikes - should dismount as there is a bottleneck of pedestrians and cyclists at this end

Hudson Valley RT - town of Lloyd Ulster County NY

SB ACR section 2 map 19 -to continue onto the HVRT from the Walkway, go through opening in barricades (Walkway west end) onto Haviland road then RIGHT into the HVRT east end terminus parking lot  to the trail - LEFT on trail up-hill
NB ACR section 2 map 19 use caution on RT down hill from US rt 9w underpass - RIGHT TURN on down hill into HVRT parking lot out to Haviland Rd. - LEFT then through barricades at Walkway west end (see above)

in the good news - bad news dept. - good news: the HVRT is being extended - when fully extended to the west will reduce a bit of hwy riding and town roads as pertains to the ACR- the bad news is that there will be construction of this (think detours-barricades etc.) which will take some time to be finished

construction has begun of the phase 3 extension from Tony Williams park (current, as of 4-22, west end terminus) to the local fire station almost at NY SR 299 (phs3 will be implemented by the town of Lloyd) cyclists should be aware of large vehicles on Ulster CR 15 and also in the park - at some point the very end of the trail  (original 1997 section - phase 1 Commerce St. to the park) may be blocked off to connect with the new section

and phase 4 extension from the above to the Lloyd town line at South Street an Ulster county road (phs4 construction to be managed by Ulster County) - both to be finished in late Fall of this year (2018)

Ulster County NY press release:

also of note:

NB and SB ACR on the phase 2 (2010) section east of the RT bridge over Vineyard Ave. in Highland at the old Vintage Village and (former) lumber warehouse area there is construction of a stick built housing units? with stores in lower part? as part of this construction - a trench was cut across the RT presumably for utilities - as of 04-13-18 was just filled in with gravel cyclists should exercise caution going over this and also be aware of large vehicles entering from a side road onto/across the RT

on the old section just west of Commerce St. and phase 2 (2010) I saw temp construction fencing - don't know what that is about - cyclists going NB on the ACR should be aware of this as the fencing is at the very right edge of the trail surface -on this old section of the RT some sections are very rough - the pavement is deteriorating

Hyde Park section 2 map 19

I have not been able to get the new updates-addendum to the ACR in the Hudson Valley - I guess will have to order a brand new 2018 ACR section 2 and 3 map set
it would seem that NY SR 9G is being used - if indeed the new 2018 route includes the section of 9G from CR 41to CR 40A (town of Hyde Park) - then would go by the other Roosevelt site (Eleanor)  Val Kill - as a suggestion to get to US rt 9 and the main Roosevelt site (FDR) could take the Hyde Park Trails / NPS Farm Lane Trail

at the US rt9 trailhead nearby is the Hyde Park Brewing - brewery/restaurant - I would guess? (or perhaps should) the revised ACR would continue on SR 9G into the City of Pok.-  this hwy. becomes Parker Ave. the WOTH east end entrance is on this street  - of note: there is a deli/convenience store at the intersection of Garden St. and Parker Ave. near the Walkway entrance

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