Author Topic: good tips for Western Trail please - places to stop, watch out for. Going West  (Read 1710 times)

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Hello Everybody,

I started in New York and have followed the Eastern Express (in the main) and now just finishing the TransAm into Pueblo. Currently staying in Scott City tonight.

I am starting Western Trail from Pueblo next Tuesday 5th June going west to San Francisco. Just looking for key tips about what to take and what places are good to stop at. I have the digital maps which seem to work OK on the new app. Also how steep will the climbs be from East to West please? I am debating whether to move to full mountain groupset as currently just have 39/26 front and 11/36 rear - any opinions on this please?

Thanks, Al

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The gearing should be OK as you are probably somewhat strong now.  Hope this helps in part, John

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We now have some great elevation information available on the website within the Route Comparison Chart. Check it out:

Choose Route with Sections in the upper left and type in Western Express in the box on the right. If you're using this on a mobile device, tap on the green plus signs to get all the info.


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