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Recent heavy rain has caused some landslides that are blocking portions of the Great Allegheny Passage which is on the Philadelphia Alternate of the Chicago to New York Route.  See or for details.

One slide covers a section of the Great Allegheny Passage in Elizabeth Township, PA, between mile markers 123 and 124. The trail is CLOSED in that section until further notice.

Our local volunteer trail group, the Mon/Yough Trail Council, is assessing the damage and recommends a four-mile, on-road detour using Twele Road, Robin Road, Greenock-Buena Vista Road, Styche Street, and Wood Street. Please take caution if you are traveling along this detour. There is a PDF of this suggested detour at The detour is NOT signed.

Additionally, there is a slide blocking the GAP between mile markers 96 and 97 in Fayette County. There is no easy detour. Please take caution if you attempt to pick your way over the rocks and trees. Doing so may not be safe or suitable for everyone. Volunteer crews from the Yough River Bike Trail Council and Whitsett-Fayette Yough River Council are working to clear the trail. Please be patient and give them space to work.

Lastly, there is a smaller slide around mile marker 129, adjacent to Dead Man's Hollow Conservation Area. It is passable on foot. Please walk your bicycle and take caution.
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