Author Topic: Great Divide Section 5 Map B - Carson National Forest closure - June 29, 2018  (Read 2504 times)

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Record-breaking drought conditions have caused the Carson National Forest to close the majority of the forest. On map B, the route between turn B (in southern Colorado) and turn K, near Abiquiu, is closed. We don't know the road conditions on the highways, or any service locations mentioned below. If you need services going southbound or northbound, Abiquiu is the best place.

Southbound detour: At turn B, ride west and continue on SR 17 for 15.4 mi. to Chama. At Chama, ride onto US 64/84 and continue south for 13.9 mi. US 64 leaves the route. Continue south on US 84 for 36.3 mi. to the intersection with SR 96. See the earlier topic titled: "Great Divide Section 5 - Santa Fe National Forest closure - June 1, 2018" for the next section of detour between Abiquiu and Cuba.

Northbound detour: from Abiquiu, ride northwest on US 84 for 6.5 mi. SR 96 turns right leaving the route. Continue on US 84 for 36.3 mi. US 64 joins the route. Continue north on US 64/84 for 13.9 mi. At Chama, ride north on to SR 17. Continue on SR 17 for 15.4 mi. to the intersection at turn B on Map B. Rejoin route.
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Restrictions have eased in Carson NF. Information on Central and Northern NM forests can be found here:


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